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The Mission of GCSAA

When it comes to maximizing management potential on the golf course, membership benefits through the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and affiliated chapters provide a bagful of opportunity for Golf Course Superintendents across the United States — and the world!

The GCSAA is dedicated to serving its members, advancing their profession, and enriching the quality of golf and its environment. Chartered in 1926, the GCSAA now has more than 21,000 members in 65 countries and offers support and services that benefit individuals like you – people involved with every aspect of the golf course management industry:

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Kentuckiana Klippings

Stay in touch with your fellow superintendents with the publication of Kentuckiana Klippings. The happenings and upcoming events make this a valuable information source.

Benefits of the KGCSA


The KGCSA has monthly meetings that include an informative educational speaker. Education topics range from technical turfgrass subjects to business management to personal self­improvement. The demands of the golf course superintendent’s profession are changing rapidly. As a superintendent, continuing education is vital to your future success.

Benefits of the KGCSA

Networking Opportunities

KGCSA meetings and events provide a good opportunity to meet informally with your professional peers and gather important information. Superintendents and assistants share information, solve problems and learn more about the local golf course industry by attending KGCSA meetings. The value of your dues could easily be recovered by finding one inexpensive solution to a problem you are having on your golf course while attending a KGCSA meeting.

Benefits of the KGCSA

GCSAA Seminars

Each year the KGCSA hosts or co­hosts a GCSAA seminar. These one and two­day seminars are comprehensive in their coverage of technical and business subjects. Topics range from Renovation and Reconstruction to the Microbiology of Turf Soils to Managerial Productivity. All participants receive CEU credits upon the passing of a seminar test.

Benefits of the KGCSA

Camaraderie and Golf Events

Participating in the KGCSA supports your profession on a local basis and provides an opportunity to make professional acquaintances in the local golf course industry. Golf outings organized by the KGCSA provide more than an enjoyable release from the tensions of everyday work. Playing golf at local courses stimulates discussion and the sharing of ideas about golf course management techniques and golf course maintenance problem solving.

Benefits of the KGCSA

Updates from GCSAA

GCSAA update information is provided to the KGCSA membership through Kentuckiana Klippings. Information about GCSAA’s conference and show, annual election, and upcoming seminars in the region are also highlighted at KGCSA meetings.

Benefits of the KGCSA

Allied Members Welcome

Businesses interested in selling related products or services in the turfgrass industry are welcome to join and are encouraged to participate. They will receive a copy of the membership directory, only available to members, and a copy of the newsletter.

Benefits of the KGCSA

Can you really afford not to be a member of the Kentuckiana Golf Course Superintendents Association?

Cooperative efforts between the GCSAA and affiliated chapters assist in maximizing individual and team potential through high­caliber educational programs, the industry’s largest conference and trade show, valuable career assistance, powerful government representation, networking opportunities, excellent information references, professional recognition, beneficial turf research, informative publications and on­going support.

2018 Dues Structure

Class A Golf Course Superintendent (A) – $100.00
Superintendent Member (SM) – $100.00
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent (C) – $50.00
Associate Member (AS) – $50.00
Affiliate (AF) – $100.00
Educator (E) – $50.00
Equipment Manager (EM) – $25.00
Student (S) – $25.00
Retired (RT) – $25.00
Class A – Retired – ($25.00)
Life Member (Class AA) – ($0.00)

Anyone who does not fall within the industry classification guidelines above and would like to participate as a member within KGCSA may join the association for $100.00. This may include manufacturer representatives, distributors and any other entities that conduct business within the golf course industry. All classification definitions and guidelines can be found at

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